Saturday, 17 December 2016

GRUEL - Gruel

Short lived ultra obscure Swedish death/doom band Gruel, released this 2005 demo on cassette only, and it contains three blood curdling tracks of amazing quality.

The demo starts off with a tortured, spine tingling shriek, before a 'pack of zombies ripping you to shreds' galloping riff, mutates into chunks of quivering, glutinous passages of deathly tones, ripped straight from the bone. Thus the tone is set for twelve minutes of relentless terror. 

Second track 'Awaiting The Massacre' hunts you down, and leaves you cowering in fear at its barbarity, before 'Cursed Desert Sand' delivers the mortal blow.

I get great pleasure finding obscure bands around the Internet, and tracking down Gruel gave me immense satisfaction. It is a huge pity that the band appeared not to make it any further. Maybe their desiccated, shambling, undead corpses are lurking in the shadows somewhere, waiting to gorge on their next victim.

Gruel -  demo/cassette 2005