Saturday, 31 December 2016


'Mozergush' by Mozergush, is the Ukrainian band's second album. Released in 2008, it quickly followed 2007's 'Faitytale Alcotrips' and is a more complex affair than it's predecessor, wrapped in a swirling cerecloth of cosmic dust. The excellent album cover, and track titles such as 'Red Bottle With Pills' and 'Syringe In The Sky' should give the game away that listening to Mozergush is likely to bring forth a psychotropic episode, but behind the hallucinogenic haze, this album packs an almighty wallop, listening to the doom infused sludge of the track 'Voznakurenets dragging you from your lucid dream.

There are moments of over experimentation by Mozergush, the song 'Syringe In The Sky' being an example of a 'nothing' track consisting of what sounds like scratched vinyl accompanied by spectral synth sounds, but overall 'Mozergush' by Mozergush, is a perfect accompaniment for the journey to drug addled emancipation.