Monday, 16 January 2017


What Blacksmoker says: 

"Shatter the lies, and burn down the thrones"

'Origins' is the first of two releases from Germany's Blacksmoker. The latest, 'Rupture' is equally deserving of checking out.

Blacksmoker's 'Origins' is like the many writhing heads of the Hydra, venomous razor sharp riffs atop a rampaging colossus, spitting snarling, and baring their fangs, oblivious to the carnage left in its wake.

Everything about this release is top notch, from the production to the deceiving to the eye, album art. The sound quality really is excellent, smooth as a polished diamond, but liable to cut right to the bone. 

'Origins' doesn't try to belong to a particular genre, so I won't even attempt to pigeon hole it, but after several joyous listens, I can tell you that, to me, this has all the hallmarks of Iron Maiden with the balls of High On Fire.