Sunday, 12 February 2017

BUENSUCESO - "ANALOGY:The Sun/Divided Line"

What the band says unchartered :

" Buensuceso were given birth by Sergio Espinosa and David Moreno in 2013 after the split up of sludge metal band Buffalo. Joined by Eduardo Quesada and Juan de Dios on bass and guitar, they self released their first EP 'Inner Winter' back in 2014. John Doe added synths.

The new ep takes full hands from the bands first work and moves through unchartered territories. The bands post-metal fuelled attitude leaves no room for guesswork, the new tracks carry the listener in a mesmerising mind trip, through an unexpected emotional roller coaster.

Conceptually "ANALOGY" takes inspiration from Platonic philosophy and the 'Myth of the Cave' It observes the existence of an unreal world, focused on the blindness of an oblivious society which is forced to accept the insipid, conformist and inhuman reality that lies behind human beings"

What The Shrieks From Below says:

Way more satisfying than 'Inner Winter' 'Analogy' is less experimental and wades much further into the post metal/rock pool, but only rarely revisiting the band members sludge rock roots ('Wunderkammer'). In reality, the alluring, gentle nature of the first three songs could easily be interpreted as an introduction to the song 'Wunderkammer' 

It's obvious that Buensuceso are brimming with ideas. What the band needs to do now would be to spread their wings and compress their love of intricate guitar work into longer tracks, expanding their sound even more, particularly for a band who don't concern themselves with constraints. That said, 'Analogy' is a huge and positive step in the right direction.