Monday, 24 April 2017


Shroud of the Heretic - Portland, Oregon

Marketed as an EP, 'Boiled to Death' the bands first release, is actually over half an hour long.That's just over 30 minutes of relentless, punishing, doom death metal. This EP is as ugly as it gets, kept under lock and key in the deepest catacombs, allowed to fester, twisted with insanity and bitterness, chains rattling, howling in desolation..

The six tracks contaminating this EP are raw and ugly. Unlike most other bands of this ilk, who, in an attempt to create a dense, suffocating atmosphere, tend to lose any semblance of riffs in a maelstrom of noise, the tracks on 'Boiled to Death' contain something of a structure, more along the lines of black/death metal. This EP is the aural equivalent of a horde of shrieking old crones clawing at your eyes.

Apart from checking out this, plus the other excellent releases on their Bandcamp page, check out the bands awesome tee's. I'm the proud owner of one that regularly scares the punters at the local gym.

music for lepers.