Monday, 1 May 2017


Black Hand Throne - Sheol VI

Released on 5th May 2017, Sheol VI by Black Hand Throne, is the bands latest release in an already stellar discography, and nestles perfectly amongst the gems that the band has previously unleashed upon the underground music scene.

'Sheol VI' is a lumbering sludge, doom Saurapod of behemothic proportions. A mighty beast, its huge ass swaying in time to gargantuan, groove saturated riffs. Not ground breaking, but certainly ground shaking, each track lovingly crafted around a blues infused foundation, and layered in southern fried grit.

What I particularly love about 'Sheol VI 'is the fact that, although each track, by and large, crawls along at a snails pace, this album never sounds dull, or becomes boring after a couple of listens, due mainly to the lurching swagger that permeates throughout the album.

Superb, and is sure to feature in many 'Best of the year so far ' lists