Monday, 8 May 2017

EL COLOSSO - Pathways

El Colosso - Melbourne, Australia

Hurtling into town, shooting shit up and terrorizing the townsfolk, the four dust storms that make up El Colosso are set to release their follow up to last years EP 'Cannonball' The album is called 'Pathways' and comprises of seven tracks of blistering metal.

'Pathways' is an album that brings a smile to your face, its evident that  El Colosso, had a lot of fun making this record, as 'Pathways' showcases a band at the top of their game, delivering songs of glorious swagger, encapsulated by moments of emotive reflection, particularly with  the monumental solo's that make up most of the track 'Moving Mountains' there is a maturity here that belies the fact that this is El Colosso's debut album.

......but beware, 'Pathways' is a rattlesnake of a disc, spitting riffs and venomous, southern style licks throughout, this bites down hard and doesn't let go.

An essential purchase.