Monday, 29 May 2017

SAPATA - Satanibator

Sapata - 'Satanibator'

What the band says: Sapata, known before as Satanibator, is a Finnish doom rock band from Tempere and formed in 2014. Their debut album'Satanibator' was recorded in Suomenlinnan Studio with Producer Mauri Syrjälä and it will be released on June 2nd via Inverse Records

Sapata, the dancing dead from old temples. It's a word from mouths of ancient kings. Sapata is stories and soundwaves of joy and death, life and pain, and depression. It is a mystic and beautiful ceremony to love and death.

Members - Saara Samane, TT Sousalo, Felix Voltti, Anttu Puutio

What The Shrieks From Below says - Sapata's 'Satanibator', a sarcophagus of beguiling laments for a lost love, maybe a Princess yearning for the hand of a commoner, someone she cannot have, wanting to be someone she cannot be. Somewhat fanciful maybe, particularly for a blog which usually treads a darker path, but nonetheless an image that can't be avoided once the vocals of Saara Samane bewitches you with her tales of anguish. To say her voice is powerful is something of an understatement and reminds me of the style of Suzanne Sledge of the band 68-75.

The bear pit that stoner doom bands frequently fall into, is one where a (female) front person overly dominates the sound of the rest of the band, and for those of us who crave the slow, granite riffs of that particular genre, that's a particular no, no, right kids? Fortunately, Sapata manages  to harness this particular powerhouse, the rest of the band creating mythical threads of ancient jams, sometimes bringing the hammer down hard, sometimes creating crystalline, emotive, sacrificial chimes to the Egyptian God, Horus.

'Satanibator' is an album I have been listening to continuously for a couple of weeks , and it still lifts me every time I play it. An album fit for the old kingdom, and the crowning of a Pharoah.