Thursday, 25 May 2017

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW VOL 55 - Core of Destruction Radio - 27/5/2017

The Shrieks From Below Podcast Show - Core of Destruction Radio each Saturday @3pm EST, 9pm CET, 8pm UK.

Thank you's for this week go out to :

Roberto Mura of Third I Rex who, as usual, looks to take over the show with his label's awesome brand of post - black metal. This weekI 'll be playing tracks from three bands from the Third I Rex Label, Lodo, Postvorta, and Mudbath.

Joni of Inverse Records for the opportunity to play something from the new Sapata album

BØG - for allowing me to play an unreleased track from their blackened sludge drenched EP 'Jim'

Band Order:

Way Of The Buffalo - "Sacred Sands"

Idlegod - "Infinite Waste"

Sapata - "MDD"

Lodo - "Lodo"

BØG - "Warm Smell Of The Dredge"

Postvorta - "Patau"

Mudbath - "Fire"