Monday, 12 June 2017

APORYA - Dead Men Do Not Suffer

With the baroque, mournful opener, 'Blood Rain' 'Dead Men Do Not Suffer' an album by Brazilian melodic doom death band Aporya  begins exactly as expected, until the first surprise kicks in, the second track 'Cry Of The Butterfly.' There's nothing 'Gothic' about this track, the black laced veil is ripped away in a Strapping Young lad blend of rampant riffery.

However, Aporya is essentially a band burdened with angst and melancholy, and the weight on its shoulders soon drags the tempo down again to just above snail's pace.The many guitar solo's cry crystalline tears of sorrow, enhanced by an excellent mix that draws the pain into your marrow. The clever use of keyboards, used sparingly so not to distract from the crunch of the riffs, creates an atmosphere that has you brushing imaginary cobwebs from your face and helps elevate the band just beyond the gloom of funeral doom.

The closing tracks, the gloriously haunting 'Pain and Loneliness' which sounds like  the funeral doom band Worship dipped in honey, and the title track 'Dead Men Do Not Suffer' are the lamentations of the recently bereaved before the coffin lid finally shuts.

You can find this album on the Narcoleptica Productions Bandcamp page.It shows two tracks for $2, but pay it and you receive all seven.