Tuesday, 20 June 2017

RAILHAZER - the Null and the Void

Railhazer hails from Saint Louis, Missouri and is;

Derek Bonn - Drums
Dave Kreher - Guitar
Jordan Ross - Guitar
Steve Sesti - Bass
Matt Mathias - Vox

Opening with a short burst of feedback (New God) before dropping a dissonant sludge riff, one could be forgiven for thinking that The Null And The Void a first full release by Railhazer is going to turn out to be just another Grief / Eyehategod clone, but the more you pick the scabrous crust of sludge apart, you find small pockets of other genres you wouldn't normally find on a 'sludge' album. Gasp, shock, horror, there are even guitar solo's loitering with intent here and there, and not just bluesy , New Orleans based solo's either, but some have a Gothic tinge that you would expect to hear from a melodic doom death band. In fact, I would go as far as to say that there are more hooks on here than a porno grind band's album cover.

At the moment, I am listening to the track 'The Mountain.' It could, just about, be confused with an early Metallica ballad. Now, the leaden doom riffs of 'Mass of a Thousand Suns' darkens the room with clouds of ominous intent. 

With The Null And The Void, Railhazer has created an album diverse enough to make it an absorbing listen, whilst remaining within the constraints an extremely heavy album requires, so as not to alienate those of us who feed off the intensity that bands such as Railhazer, create.