Wednesday, 19 July 2017

ATOMIC TRIP - Strike # 1

Atomic Trip - Strike # 1

Like a stoned colossus slowly being sucked under the mire, Atomic Trip unleashes two songs, each nearly twenty minutes in length. Oppressive, hypnotic doom that has just hit the sweet spot, slow, but stopping just short of being labelled drone and potentially boring the hell out of everyone. This is Sleep , their groove and swagger  supplanted by an immovable force of extra dissonance, almost Bismuth like, but with a warmth to the sound rather than the bleak drones of the Nottingham band.

Each, drawn out chord, is encapsulated with a veil of heaving discordance as hypnotic as it is painful, self flagellation by sledgehammer. Fortunately, the occasional break into psychedelic licks prevents Strike #1 from becoming tedious and prevents the listener from becoming victim to sensory overload, but ultimately one can't help the feeling of being swept aside by the Hand Of God , then trampled underfoot.

Worship at the Sepulchre of doom!