Monday, 10 July 2017

GRAND HEAD - Melting the Fuse

With riffs hewn from granite, blasted from bedrock, then sandblasted right back into your face, so Grand Head's latest avalanche, Melting The Fuse careers onto Bandcamp.

Not latching onto any particular genre, this four track EP preaches a fuzz drenched gospel to bands like Melvins and Harvey Milk. Rules are broken, and releases like this often sound as though they are held together by musical duct tape, not so with Grand Head. The structure within the four tracks on Melting The Fuse are as unpredictable as a hobo protecting his last shot of meths, but ultimately the album manages to bulldoze its way into your skull, with raw, abrasive, punky blues tainted sludge riffs demanding you pay attention as each chord thuds into your solar plexus.

Melting The Fuse by Grand Head, is a melting pot of anger and turmoil. A requiem to the impoverished, and the down and out. 

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