Sunday, 16 July 2017


Kemerov - FMKD

"Kemerov, are from Serres, Greece and are the brainchild of two guys, vocalist Matt Karampalios and guitarist Giogos Tsapkinis, who grew up listening to old school death metal, Black Sabbath and their devotees, but could never really choose between the metal sound and the rock n' roll feeling. Equally inspired by bands like Entombed, Cathedral and Turbonegro among others, they eventually decided to put everything into the mix, merging the brutality of death metal with the groove of sludge and garage rock. The Line up is completed by Tasos Diamantidis on drums and Spiros Diamantidis on bass and the quartet self released a four track EP in late 2015, which received positive reviews from various publications and allowed them to play live with bands like Sodom, Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh and Jucifer."

Ok, first off, looking at that list of influences and bands that Kemerov has played with, you be right in thinking that the band is a death, sludge, behemothic monster. 


What FMKD gives you is an intravenous infusion of garage riffs straight into the auditory canal. You can just imagine the band on stage, legs akimbo, punching out power chords, reminiscent of The Clash, or The Ramones maybe, particularly with the opener ' New Order' There is a huge, punk attitude here, more so than Kemerov's earlier EP. This is more relaxed, the band has fixated on a particular direction, and stuck to it, rattling off song after song in true death'n'roll fashion, occasionally  dropping the pace slightly and garnishing their sound with a stoner vibe (Gargoyle Keep).

So, no Entombed, or Black Sabbath here, just a fine selection of grooving, garage punk, played fast, and loose with no constraints, just how this type of music should be played.

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