Sunday, 24 September 2017

CHAINED TO THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN - Decay And Other Hopes Against Progress

Some things should be left alone and untouched in case they wreak devastation upon humanity. 'Decay And Other Hopes Against Progress' by Chained To The Bottom Of The Ocean is such an item, that should be handled with trepidation, particularly when the opening track 'Confusion Hath Fuck His Masterpiece' opens up with a piercing burst of feedback. You just sense that this album is going to be an excruciatingly, uncomfortable ride, and so it is. Six, doom / sludge threnodies to the disaffected and the damned, rise from the depths from whatever dejected tomb the band were originally banished to.

I'm guessing that the band name is in homage another outfit synonymous with heaving bottom end drone, Louisiana's Thou and, indeed there is more than a passing resemblance, but whereas Thou's behemothic sludge has a punk ancestry running through its veins, Chained To The Bottom Of The Ocean has a more malignant demeanour, with a blackish, hardcore element mingling amongst the caustic sludge riffs. 

Unbridled hatred and joylessness sweats from the pores of 'Decay And Other Hopes Against Progress'  leaving it soaked in pestilence.