Saturday, 9 September 2017


Excruciation  hail from Switzerland and play a dark,a crunching style of doom/death. 

(t)horns crept amongst the masses in 2009 (the band has been in existence since 1884), spreading their early Paradise Lost style dirge. As brooding as the silhouette of a Gothic castle morphing through the gloom of a Transylvanian mountain storm, emotive, baroque style riffs combat the dispiriting sense of unease. 

Undoubtedly a doom band, Excruciation doesn't rely on just a slow, plodding tempo, this shambling corpse has a pulse. Before you breathe that sigh of relief that you've escaped the grisly fate that awaited you, you'll feel the cold, clawed talon grip your shoulder, spinning you around until you're staring straight into the cold, dead eyes of a Dickensian monster.

Something wicked is coming to get you and Excruciation squats in amongst the shadows, cackling with glee at the thought.