Tuesday, 31 October 2017

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW - The Oregon Trail Core of Destruction Radio 28/10/2017

The Shrieks From Below on Core of Destruction Radio @ 2pm cst, 3pm est, 9pm cet and 8pm UK

This Saturday, The Shrieks From Below continues its journey across America. So far we've stopped in California and New York, now we're arriving in Oregon, and that mecca of heavy music, Portland which has one of the most vibrant metal scenes in the world. As always, I'll be avoiding the most obvious bands, in fact, there are a few here who are no longer active, but there are some hidden gems to be found here that are yet to be discovered by some.
The show starts on Core of De...struction Radio. at 2pm cst, 3pm est, 9pm cet and 8pm UK.

Bandcamp links

Dead By Dawn

Witch Vomit

Grand Head

Die Like Gentlemen

Mammoth Salmon



Ion Storm

Sons Of Huns



Space God Ritual

Sunday, 29 October 2017

ROOMS OF RUIN ~ All Is Ended

Rooms Of Ruin, Middletown, New York.

What the band says~ "Formed in early 2011, Rooms Of Ruin explore a slow, sludgy sound with lyrical themes drawn from author Stephen Kings 'Dark Tower' series of novels"

Currently on hiatus due to bassist / vocalist Ken Faggio's involvement with Morpheus Descends, Rooms of Ruin, has released a couple of albums so far, All is Ended (2012) and Into The Black (2015). Their brand of sludge has a gloriously crunchy filling, abrasive rather than the dreary, suffocating style of bands such as Accept Death. Both albums are packed full of undulating riffs you can surf on.

The sound on All is Ended, to my rather battered and bruised hearing anyway, is pretty immaculate, giving the guitar sound of Dave Mayer full reign to wipe a smile off your face aided and abetted by a juggernaut of a rhythm section featuring the aforementioned  Ken Faggio in tandem with the precision drumming of Annie Terror.

There are lots of albums and bands that deserve way more attention that they currently receive, Rooms Of Ruin is one of them. 

@photo courtesy of Metal Archives

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW VOL 73 - Core of Destruction Radio 21/10/2017

The Shrieks From Below Podcast Show - Core of Destruction Radio, every Saturday @ 2pm cst, 3pm est, 9pm cet and 8pm UK

Playing THIS Saturday on Core of Destruction Radio 2pm cst, 3pm cet, 9pm est and 8pm UK, The Shrieks From Below presents to you over an hour of some of the very best underground acts. Discover your new favourite band, reacquaint yourselves with forgotten gems. Tune in here http://theshrieksfrombelow.blogspot.co.uk/ or here http://www.coreofdestructionradio.com/
Whether you're into doom, death, stoner, sludge or just good old fashioned heavy rock, its all here.

Eagle Twin

Caveman Voicebox




Android Empire

Canyon Creep



Monday, 16 October 2017

The Shrieks From Below Podcast Show - New York, New York 14/10/2017

The Shrieks From Below Podcast Show ~ Core of Destruction Radio each Saturday @ 2pm cst, 3pm est, 9pm cet and 8pm UK

This Saturday on The Shrieks From Below Show, I'm continuing my trek across as many states as I can. Last week I played bands from California, this week it will be New York, and I guarantee there ain't no Sinatra playing. The show plays on Core of Destruction Radio @ 2pm cst, 3pm est, 9pm cet and 8pm UK. You can listen here http://theshrieksfrombelow.blogspot.co.uk/ or here http://www.coreofdestructionradio.com/
Bands featured are : Rooms Of Ruin, Funeral LeechBegottenIron TidesSpacelordIRONWEEDDoOoMArchonSun Black Smoke
As you can see, I've kept away from some obvious ones, but I want to portray some of the 'underbelly' of the scene, even though a couple of the bands are no more.

Band Order

Rooms Of Ruin

Funeral Leech


Iron Tides





Sun Black Smoke

Saturday, 14 October 2017

CAVURN- Rehearsal

Cavurn - Rehearsal

Welcome to a Charnel House of bloated, doom death chords, encompassing  subterranean riffs and vocals lifted from an Exorcism.This, my friends, is not for the faint hearted.

I first approached this with trepidation. Normally, something entitled ' Rehearsal' is just that, a tinny, weak and muffled attempt to grab your attention, but this, from the opening, grunting, stomach churning heft of sound, invites you to rest your head against its cadaveric chest and listen to the gurgling of its rotten heart.

Anyone into the likes of Winter, Disembowelment and Hipoxia will lap this up, particularly those who have a particular fetish for a dash of black metal, as Cavurn, aside  from being a lumbering golem of oppression, occasionally breaks out into shrieking mayhem accompanied by the tortured howls of the damned.

The three tracks on 'Rehearsal'  should be stamped with the Biohazard triskele symbol, such is the contaminate of putridity that permeates each track, Its enough to make those who think that Candlemass is the limit of their endurance, gag as the malodorous effluvium chokes the senses.

Discovering this has been a highlight of my regular forays into the Bandcamp mines, my eyes were drawn to the cover which resembles the gaping maw of something that should be sealed up in the furthermost reaches of bandcamp. 

It appears that Cavurn has other malign creations to unleash on us all. On this offering, I can't wait.

Monday, 9 October 2017

The Shrieks From Below - California Dreamin' Episode

The Shrieks From Below California Dreamin' Edition, playing on Core of Destruction Radio each Saturday @2pm cst, 3pm est, 9pm cet and 8pm UK

The Shrieks From Below has decided to cross the USA. For the next few weeks I'll be stopping off at as many states as possible, highlighting bands from each state. I'm starting with California and playing songs by Cease, Damnweevil, Burial WellSerpents of DawnNOVA CYCLELords Of Illusion,Tvsk,Sasquatch and Gloomed. You can listen here: http://theshrieksfrombelow.blogspot.co.uk/ where I'll be posting links to the bands, or here http://www.coreofdestructionradio.com/

Band Order



Burial Well

Serpents Of Dawn

Nova Cycle

Lords Of Illusion




Sunday, 8 October 2017

CEASE - The River

Cease, from Fresno, California, and featured on Core of Destruction Radio.

A churning flood of old fashioned Swedish death metal style riffs, cascading over a  bedrock  of punk attitude and slamming  against hardcore infused breakdowns.

The River, released earlier this year, is the latest 'full length' from the band, being of ep proportions and in keeping with the other two releases 'Unfold' and 'Humanity.' 

Their Entombed sound is corroborated by a great cover of 'Wolverine Blues' on the 'Unfold' EP'  and speaking of covers, the band later released a single track cover of  'Concession of Pain' an early Bolt Thrower song.

So, three great releases, tasters if you like, now it's time for the band to open up and give us a proper full length.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

YANOMAMO - Neither Man Nor Beast

Ever seen an elephant fly? Me neither, but somehow this lumbering beast of an album manages to elevate itself off the ground in a tsunami of cacophonous doom/sludge riffs coerced by a rumbling, churning bass that, rather than breaking Neither Man Nor Beast apart, somehow manages to intertwine and morph into one of the most potent albums so far this year.

Yeah, this is damn heavy, but not your usual, dull, plodding heavy which is the bane of many bands of this ilk, and that's due to the remarkable amount of tempo changes permeating throughout the album. Even more remarkable is the fact that the band doesn't need the use of 'melodic' interludes to make it sound different, there's no letting up or pausing for breath, rather, the huge dollops of doom on offer here are twisted and contorted into vast, monstrous, structures, forming colossal skyward citadels one minute,dredging immense canyons from the earth the next. 

One of the other exceptional qualities of Neither Man Nor Beast, is that it doesn't suffocate the listener in a quagmire of glutinous sludge and that's due to the aforementioned tempo changes, this album has been allowed to breathe, so nothing stagnates.

In yet another year of exceptional releases, Neither Man Nor Beast can hold it's head high amongst the very best of them.