Saturday, 14 October 2017

CAVURN- Rehearsal

Cavurn - Rehearsal

Welcome to a Charnel House of bloated, doom death chords, encompassing  subterranean riffs and vocals lifted from an Exorcism.This, my friends, is not for the faint hearted.

I first approached this with trepidation. Normally, something entitled ' Rehearsal' is just that, a tinny, weak and muffled attempt to grab your attention, but this, from the opening, grunting, stomach churning heft of sound, invites you to rest your head against its cadaveric chest and listen to the gurgling of its rotten heart.

Anyone into the likes of Winter, Disembowelment and Hipoxia will lap this up, particularly those who have a particular fetish for a dash of black metal, as Cavurn, aside  from being a lumbering golem of oppression, occasionally breaks out into shrieking mayhem accompanied by the tortured howls of the damned.

The three tracks on 'Rehearsal'  should be stamped with the Biohazard triskele symbol, such is the contaminate of putridity that permeates each track, Its enough to make those who think that Candlemass is the limit of their endurance, gag as the malodorous effluvium chokes the senses.

Discovering this has been a highlight of my regular forays into the Bandcamp mines, my eyes were drawn to the cover which resembles the gaping maw of something that should be sealed up in the furthermost reaches of bandcamp. 

It appears that Cavurn has other malign creations to unleash on us all. On this offering, I can't wait.

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