Sunday, 8 October 2017

CEASE - The River

Cease, from Fresno, California, and featured on Core of Destruction Radio.

A churning flood of old fashioned Swedish death metal style riffs, cascading over a  bedrock  of punk attitude and slamming  against hardcore infused breakdowns.

The River, released earlier this year, is the latest 'full length' from the band, being of ep proportions and in keeping with the other two releases 'Unfold' and 'Humanity.' 

Their Entombed sound is corroborated by a great cover of 'Wolverine Blues' on the 'Unfold' EP'  and speaking of covers, the band later released a single track cover of  'Concession of Pain' an early Bolt Thrower song.

So, three great releases, tasters if you like, now it's time for the band to open up and give us a proper full length.