Sunday, 29 October 2017

ROOMS OF RUIN ~ All Is Ended

Rooms Of Ruin, Middletown, New York.

What the band says~ "Formed in early 2011, Rooms Of Ruin explore a slow, sludgy sound with lyrical themes drawn from author Stephen Kings 'Dark Tower' series of novels"

Currently on hiatus due to bassist / vocalist Ken Faggio's involvement with Morpheus Descends, Rooms of Ruin, has released a couple of albums so far, All is Ended (2012) and Into The Black (2015). Their brand of sludge has a gloriously crunchy filling, abrasive rather than the dreary, suffocating style of bands such as Accept Death. Both albums are packed full of undulating riffs you can surf on.

The sound on All is Ended, to my rather battered and bruised hearing anyway, is pretty immaculate, giving the guitar sound of Dave Mayer full reign to wipe a smile off your face aided and abetted by a juggernaut of a rhythm section featuring the aforementioned  Ken Faggio in tandem with the precision drumming of Annie Terror.

There are lots of albums and bands that deserve way more attention that they currently receive, Rooms Of Ruin is one of them. 

@photo courtesy of Metal Archives