Sunday, 1 October 2017

YANOMAMO - Neither Man Nor Beast

Ever seen an elephant fly? Me neither, but somehow this lumbering beast of an album manages to elevate itself off the ground in a tsunami of cacophonous doom/sludge riffs coerced by a rumbling, churning bass that, rather than breaking Neither Man Nor Beast apart, somehow manages to intertwine and morph into one of the most potent albums so far this year.

Yeah, this is damn heavy, but not your usual, dull, plodding heavy which is the bane of many bands of this ilk, and that's due to the remarkable amount of tempo changes permeating throughout the album. Even more remarkable is the fact that the band doesn't need the use of 'melodic' interludes to make it sound different, there's no letting up or pausing for breath, rather, the huge dollops of doom on offer here are twisted and contorted into vast, monstrous, structures, forming colossal skyward citadels one minute,dredging immense canyons from the earth the next. 

One of the other exceptional qualities of Neither Man Nor Beast, is that it doesn't suffocate the listener in a quagmire of glutinous sludge and that's due to the aforementioned tempo changes, this album has been allowed to breathe, so nothing stagnates.

In yet another year of exceptional releases, Neither Man Nor Beast can hold it's head high amongst the very best of them.