Tuesday, 21 November 2017

HERÁLDICA DE MANDRAKE ~ No hay caminos cortos a la Libertad (2017)

Heráldica de Mandrake - Chile

Four monumental tracks of doom, choked on asphyxiating fuzz. Clean vocals backed by a bludgeoning foundation of tectonic plate shifting bass. 

No hay caminos cortos a La Libertad is as heavy as it gets, harking back to the very early days of Electric Wizard. A churning maelstrom of riffs, crushing the spirit and bearing down the weight of the world on your shoulders. Occasionally, the dust dissipates offering respite from the suffocating vortex, but its only temporary before the mighty hand of tracks such as the 20 minute long 'La Doctrina de Los Saqueos, swats you away like chaff.

However, what I really like about this album is, that although lengthy, none of the four tracks are under ten minutes long, it doesn't fall into the pit of monotony, as lurking among the  bone crunching monoliths are swathes of stoner mist and brief moments of relative respite.

This release is limited to 100 copies in cassette format through Manifectation Prods

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