Monday, 11 December 2017

LEGBA ~ Necromance

Legba ~ Necromance

In Voodoo circles, Papa Legba is a spirit who stands at a spiritual crossroads and gives or denies permission to speak with the spirit world. It is believed he speaks every human language.

The language Legba speaks with their sophomore album 'Necromance' is the language of traditional doom, riven with a crystalline clarity that lacerates with every riff. This is an album of stark contrasts, not that dissimilar from last years self titled album, with the bone crunching heft of tracks such as 'Promise Me Sleep' intertwining with the soft blush of melody aided and abetted by the almost crooning vocals.

How 'Necromance' differs from last years release is that, although the direction the band has taken is something of a safer route, with a similar format to last years release, the tracks on this are consistently heavier. My one criticism of the self titled album is that the 'melodic' tracks, by and large, stay that way throughout. You're waiting in anticipation for something menacing to happen....but are left a little disappointed when the track passes you by without incident. However, as I mentioned earlier, on 'Necromance' each moment of serenity is stalked by the bearer of ill intent, that apex predator, the doom riff!

Remarkably, for a band that is relatively new ( although the band members have been  big hitters within the scene) they have released two albums in quick succession, both of supreme quality, I just feel that 'Necromance' although a very similar format to 'Legba' weaves far more complex tapestries throughout each song structure, nurturing the vision of that old voodoo spirit with the broad brimmed straw hat and a cane, guiding you from this world into Guinee.

'Necromance' is released 15/12/17