Thursday, 28 December 2017

UZALA ~ Uzala ( 2012 )

Uzala ~ Uzala

Stepping amongst the lazily crooked gravestones, shoes and jeans saturated from the dank, dewy, mossy ground, lungs choked on waves of swirling grave mist, something draws you to towards the heavy, oaken  church door. Is it the entrancing doom riffs, cloaked in a membrane of occult ceremony that is swirling around in your mind? Beguiled by the Elysian invocations you push on the door, its unlocked and groans as it opens. The sound intensifies, are there hints of Mercyful Fate, Angel Witch perhaps. As you descend the mold sodden steps, further into the gloom, fingertips brushing cobweb strands from your eyes, the tempo of the sound changes, bringing a sinister, nocturnal edge to the incantations.

Your heart pounds and adrenaline soaks your gut as you enter a low room lit by pale, flickering torchlight casting shadows which appear to point to a single, lonely table in the middle of the floor. Casting nervous glances all around, you take your first, tentative step towards it. The tenebrous light reveals its secret, an Ouija board atop the table. As your fingertips tentatively brush the planchette, the enthralling music reaches a crescendo and the planchette begins its agonising trail across the board. You're spellbound by the music haunting the crypt and eyes open wide as the planchette, gripped by an otherworldly power, spells out five letters U.Z.A.L.A

Addendum. ~ Uzala's self titled release is a must have for anyone new to the stoner, doom scene or those who have simply by passed it.