Wednesday, 19 September 2018


The Shrieks From Below Podcast ~ The Shrieks From Below, Hand Of Doom Radio and Downtuned Radio & Magazine

The Latest The Shrieks From Below Podcast, performs an aural autopsy later today, delving into some of the latest new releases from the extreme metal scene. You are invited to join me as I dissect and examine tracks by. 

 DOMADORA ~ Gengis Khan, ESTUARY BLACKS ~ Fat Jason, Slug13 ~ Exit Strategy, Isso ~ Nagashima, Wildweed ~ Мягкие стены,  Brant Bjork ~ Mankind Woman, P • H • O • B • O • S • ~ Aurora Sulphura, Space Metal ~ The Wheel, Crucible of Hate ~ Enigma, Druglord ~ Rot Of This Earth 

SUNDAY - 2pm cst, 3pm est, 9pm cet and 8pm UK 

MONDAY - Hand Of Doom 2pm cst, 3pm est, 9pm cet, 8pm UK. 10pm eet.For details of how to tune in 

TUESDAY - Downtuned Magazine & Radio @8:00pm eet, 7pm cet, 1pm est/edt and 6pm UK Listen here LISTEN @ 

Thanks to the following for providing the albums to pick apart and examine. Kozmik Artifactz (Domadora and Estuary Blacks new vinyl), Purple Sage PR (Brant Bjork) Kunal Choksi of Transcending Obscurity Records ( P.H.O.B.O.S), John Maracich III (Spacemetal), Dewar PR (Crucible Of Hate, Druglord) Sludgelord Records, HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS

Band Order


Estuary Blacks

Slug 13



Brant Bjork



Crucible Of Hate


Saturday, 8 September 2018

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW PODCAST ~ Volume 117, Sunday 9th September

The Shrieks From Below Podcast ~ Plays On Hand Of Doom Radio and Downtuned Radio & Magazine

Vol 117 of The Shrieks From Below Podcast is locked and loaded to play on The Shrieks From Below Radio tomorrow @2pm CST,3pm EST, 9 pm CET and 8pm UK. I got songs from some of the latest, essential releases and, whatever your poison, it will be here. I'll be playing stoner, death, funeral doom, sludge, opening with Logleg and closing with Ennui who is providing the showpiece track
Many thanks to Dewar PR( Allfather )Mettle Media PR (Dead Hand ) Simon Doucet-Carriere (Birmani ), Viral Propaganda PR(The Crotals) Qabar - Extreme Music PR (Ennui) Rotting Throne Records, Tenacity MusicNon Serviam RecordsDivine Mother Recordings
Band Order


Dead Hand

Heckel & Jeckel


The Crotals

Hanging Fortress


Sunday, 2 September 2018

PAGANUS ~ Paganus (2008)

PAGANUS ~ Paganus  Doom/sludge from Finland.

Rising from the same (un)wellspring as Burning Witch, Paganus spew forth, disgorging four tracks of cankerous, smouldering, flyblown sludge. As joyless as that moment when the trap door opens and the noose starts tightening around you neck.

This album is evil. As menacing as the thing hiding under your bed, or lurking in the closet, Paganus is the aural equivalent of a slasher movie, its funereal pace and uncompromising heaviness depicting scenes of extreme blunt force trauma. The riffs on this release, if you can call them riffs, because they are cloaked in malignancy and matted by despair, drag themselves from beyond the void, bloated from feeding on every ounce of melody that may once have been apparent but has now been bludgeoned from existence.

The frustrating thing about this release is its scarcity, especially digitally, but if you can find it, then don't hesitate to grab it for this is as fine an example of funeral doom sludge as you can get.

Definitely one for the knuckledraggers! I absolutely love it!

Friday, 31 August 2018


The Shrieks From Below Podcast ~ Plays on The Shrieks From Below Radio, Hand Of Doom Radio, and Downtuned Radio & Magazine.

Coming up this first Saturday of September, the usual mix of new tracks and older, forgotten gems that need to be rediscovered! The show starts with the slow burning track from the new Grusom album II and ends with another newie, this time from Wheel in The Sky's Beyond The Pale. In between I'm playing the usual carnage, with all kinds of different genres. You might even discover your new favourite band!

This show plays at the following times:

SATURDAY 2pm cst, 3pm est, 9pm cet and 8pm UK
SUNDAYS - Hand Of Doom 2pm cst, 3pm est, 9pm cet, 8pm UK. 10pm eet.For details of how to tune in
TUESDAYS - Downtuned Magazine & Radio Each Tuesday @8:00pm eet, 7pm cet, 1pm est/edt and 6pm UK Listen here LISTEN @ 

Order Of Play This week


Celestial Season

Green & Wood

Spirit Division

Luna Marada

Egon Swharz


Devil Electric


Beaten Back To Pure


Wheel In The Sky

Wednesday, 29 August 2018


The Shrieks From Below Podcast ~ Plays on The Shrieks From Below Radio, Hand Of Doom Radio and Downtuned Radio & Magazine.

Vol 115 of The Shrieks From Below Show has been unleashed. Featuring some great new tracks as well as older ones for you guys new to the scene.
Bands worshipped tomorrow
You can listen and tune in here LISTEN HERE
SATURDAY - 2pm cst, 3pm est, 9pm cet and 8pm UK
SUNDAYS - Hand Of Doom 2pm cst, 3pm est, 9pm cet, 8pm UK. 10pm eet.For details of how to tune in
TUESDAYS - Downtuned Magazine & Radio Each Tuesday @8:00pm eet, 7pm cet, 1pm est/edt and 6pm UK Listen here LISTEN @ or here
My thanks go out to the following - Dewar PR (Lord), Kunal Choksi of Transcending Obscurity Records (Crawl) Geordie Stafford ( Golden Bats) Jadd Shickler of Red Lead Media & PR (Mountain Tamer)

Bandcamp Links


Jungle Rot

Satta Caveira



Black Capricorn

Mountain Tamer


Golden Bats


Monday, 27 August 2018

JOLLYMON ~ Voidwalker (2018)

Jollymon ~ Voidwalker

What the band says :" Pacific Northwest-based stoner-metal outfit Jollymon is set to self-release their fifth full-length, Void Walker, their first in eighteen years, on June 8, 2018.
Jollymon - comprised of frontman/principal songwriter Carey Rich (vocals, bass), Mark Blackburn (drums), and John Colgate (guitar, vocals) - originally formed in Eugene, Oregon, releasing their debut full-length, Sailing, in 1995 on Eugene's Elemental Records.  They followed up Sailing with 1997's Nobody Knows Who You Are and 1998's Stoned Nation Radio, both on Elemental Records.  Then, in 2000 they released their fourth full-length, the self-titled album, on Battle Arena Records, before imploding shortly thereafter, walking away, with no plans to return.

That is until Rich, Blackburn, and Colgate began to talk, jam, and work on a batch of songs Rich had penned.  The result is Void Walker, their triumphant return: a record that is more stoner-rock, less on the sludgy side, and leaning more towards metal than its grunge/hard-rock predecessors. 
"Whereas the previous four records were more grungy rock songs, the material on Void Walker is more on the metal side.  But, we managed to keep the space-rock element, and even turned it up," comments Rich on the band's shift of direction with Void Walker.  "We see us going even more metal and more space-rock in the future."

Another thing Rich notices about Void Walker compared to the band's previous releases is that the album is, "clearer and better produced."
He continues, "we've come full circle with our recording approach.  The first and second albums had great studio gear with Grammy-nominated producer Drew Canulette running the show.  However, the third was a lesser studio done on more of a budget.  And, the fourth album, our self-titled one, was a home studio recording.  Sure, it sounds good, but you can definitely hear the quality difference between it and Void Walker - or even our first two records, for that matter."

Its hard to believe that Voidwalker is Jollymon's first release in 18 years because this fantastic album portrays a band honed to perfection and on the very top of its game. There is no rustiness here, the whole album flows over polished and crystalline melody, its rhythm cradled in the wake of the funkiest of bass lines cascading into an explosion of so many genres, guitar licks taking you right into the blast wave, peppered with shrapnel.

Voidwalker expresses itself in so many ways. It will caress you, chastise you, whisper sweet nothings in your ear while raking broken, jagged fingernails down your back, this is one of those rare albums that changes emotion with each track. 

With a grunge ancestry from earlier recordings, Jollymon has stoner rock in its DNA, but above all the only tag I could give this band is metal through and through, metal with soul.

I can only hope we don't have to wait another  18 years for the next one