Monday, 15 January 2018

CRAWL ~ 30 Year Suicide (2017)

Crawl ~ 30 Year Suicide

Georgia's Crawl has sucked up all the hate, frustration, bitterness, anger and angst and laid it all before us on a 7" platter containing 2 tracks of rejection of all hope. 30 Year Suicide delivers a sermon on the catastrophic breakdown of humanity, vocalist / guitarist Eric Crowe conducting a diatribe of wrongness and delivering its obituary while sounding as though his kneecaps are being drilled at the same time.
The cacophony is enhanced by endless waves of turgid, sludge caked drone, asphyxiated in leaden dirge. There's even a guitar solo in the first track 'Pornography of Grief but we're not talking licks here, rather the sound of an autopsy saw cutting through bone.

The second track, '30 Year Suicide' starts off with an almost post - doom feel, more restrained, but the menace that permeates this (unfortunately) short release soon metastizes into another agonizing black hole of doom.

Short and not sweet...not sweet at all.

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