Sunday, 28 January 2018

SOMALI YACHT CLUB ~ The Sea (2018)

Somali Yacht Club ~ The Sea

Needing a break from reality and crave music that delivers a plethora of chilled vibes, power packed with a surprise around every turn?  Here ya go then.  Wait for it...  Somali Yacht Club!!  

Their newest album, "The Sea" is a definite prime example.  Within each track, you'll be sure to experience yourself being whisked away on a self induced "trip" into the great unknown. As a listener, you'll have the best of several world's.  "The Sea" offers up some really tight, instrumental mind bending riffs that's sure to stop you dead in your tracks. Oh, and it's only just begun from there!  Sit back and indulge in the heavy, spaced out psychedelic/stoner feel that's complimented with a tasty hint of prog.  You know it, this album brings it all to the table. 

The superior talent that went into this album goes without saying, and is proof of how it all ties in together brilliantly.  Each track beginning with some of the most exemplary musicianship.  Flowing along with the perfectly timed, hypnotic vocals that pull you in even further.  While in the end, leaving you in a state of bliss~