Tuesday, 30 January 2018

SOUL THIEF ~ Fools And Angels (2018)

Soul Thief ~ Fools And Angels

Like a fine malt whiskey, Fools and Angels is a blend of searing, barbed, guitar solo's mingling with a bed of smooth, drowsy, rhythmic pulses. Enhanced by the spaced out vocal delivery, Soul Thief has created a mesmerizing, addictive journey into sub consciousness.

The crystalline licks of Marcus Gage splinter and crackle like shards of glass from a shattered mirror, splinters embedding into the funk ridden bass of Robert Matthews whilst the entire utopian concoction is stalked throughout by the time keeping of the drumming of Stuart Barton all of which make up the ingredients of a heady potion of ethereal jams.

If your life is full of stress and the wolves are at the door of your mind at night, let Fools And Angels caress your speakers and watch those wolves dissipate in a flash of ether.

Fools and Angels is released 2nd February 2018