Tuesday, 23 January 2018

UDYAT~ Udyat (2017)

Udyat ~ Argentina

A reptilian album, languishing in a wah drenched circadian rhythm, bathed in the strains of psychedelic, jazzy overtones before shedding it's skin in glorious, fuzz drenched riff adulation...and that's just one track.

The fuzz, although painfully thick, thankfully falls short of becoming impenetrable due to the chemistry being broken down by layers of grease and the grainy texture keeps it nice and abrasive.....premium quality stoner fuzz!

A cornucopia of sound, each track is extremely interesting, introspective even, until your senses are sent shuddering before an onslaught of (very early) Iommi influenced chops. 

Its difficult to pick one particular highlight, there are many, but the closing track might just clinch it. 'Dos' barely manages to lift itself off the floor its so heavy, yet in true Udyat  fashion this lumbering monstrosity does manage to spread delicate wings occasionally and somehow take flight.

One of the best releases of 2017

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