Sunday, 18 February 2018

SIXES ~ Methistopheles (2018)

Sixes ~ Methistopheles

Imagine waking suddenly. Blinking, your eyes slowly become used to the blinding sterile light where four silhouettes surround you. For some reason you're transfixed, unable to move. The grip of panic has never felt so cold in your veins as your mind scrambles to make sense of what is happening. One of the four looms over you, face contorted in a rictus grin, reaching for something beyond your vision.You feel the sharp serrated blade caress the skin at the top of your skull, and it dawns on you that this is all horribly wrong and isn't going to end well. As the piercing shriek of the Stryker Saw begins its hideous work, your jaw stretches agape, every sinew straining under the flush of adrenaline.............!

And so, we come to Methistopheles, the upcoming release from Californians, Sixes. Its the aural equivalent of being the involuntary star attraction at an autopsy. Six songs of hideous doom sludge that make you shudder at the thought that you've been licked all over by a leper. The first track 'Acid God' starts innocuously enough until the vibrating saw feedback, digs into your skull and the tortured vocals make you beg for mercy, followed by riffs that have never seen daylight.

This is as heavy as it gets without becoming unbearably suffocating, it even allows for the occasional rampage of death,blackened, of course. The only respite from the horror that is Methistopheles, is the first half of the last track 'Voidkiller' but even then the shadow of depression eventually closes the album off.

There could be a hundred thousand doom sludge releases this year, but I can guarantee that nothing will match the hue of sickness that pervades this release.

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