Saturday, 31 March 2018

THE NIHILISTIC FRONT ~ Procession To Annihilation ( 2013)

The Nihilistic front ~ Procession To Annihilation

I have to confess, I'd bypassed this Aussie band so many times because of the name, I mean, a band that called itself The Nihilistic Front has to be some kind of politico punk outfit, right?........


When I eventually got around to checking them out, can't remember why, I was pinned back in my seat by the sheer compression and weight of the droning doom leaden riffs that heaved themselves from my speakers. Chords that drone on and on like shock waves from a massive earthquake, conduct a ritual of condemnation,  tortured by numbing feedback and gargoylian vocals.

Bands of this nature usually rely on ambient passages to flesh out the repetitive nature of drone. Not The Nihilistic Front. This band obliterates constantly throughout the four lengthy songs on Procession To Annihilation. If things start to become too repetitive, they simply speed things up and add the hand of death to this glorious mix.

This album has to be one of the heaviest .....ever.......period.There is absolutely no sanctuary from this hell hole of an album. Those into the likes of Bongripper should dig The Nihilistic Front, however, as heavy as Bongripper is, they can't match the malice nor the sheer delight of knowing that you're suffering at their hands.

The Nihilistic Front is the  bubonic blister on Bongrippers arse

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

DICTATOR ~ Dysangelist (2008)

Dictator ~ Dysangelist

"Almost 2 years in the making, 'Dysangelist' is a seventy-five minute long conceptual masterwork spanning four tracks, focusing on the religious worship of death and the inevitable decline of faith leading to salvation."

Feel the intolerable atmosphere slowly build as the opening track 'Dysangelist' casts the shadow of the cadaverous spectre. Feel its fetid breath log your nostrils with its malodorous fume. Hear the howls of the damned cry out in agony!

Forsaken cello entwined with forlorn piano accompaniment, bolstered by impenetrable doom riffs rumbling a mournful lament. Gradually you're overwhelmed by a feeling of emptiness and despair, devoid of hope or emotion.

A Faustian nightmare of cavernous proportions that captures the feeling of overwhelming loneliness that all great funeral doom albums should exude.  

Sunday, 25 March 2018

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW VOL 93 - Core of Destruction Radio 24/3/18

The Shrieks From Below Show ~ Core Of Destruction Radio every Saturday @ 2pm cst, 3pm est, 9pm cet and 8pm UK

Conjuring up a show to play on Core of Destruction Radio this Saturday @ 2pm cst, 3pm est, 8pm cet and 7pm UK. Starting off nice and chilled with a couple of tracks by Icarus Gasoline but building up to a crescendo of nastiness with a track from La Bestia de Gevaudan. Newies include tracks from Freedom Hawk and Black Skull Ritual. A couple of bands you may not have heard of that I've included are stoner doomsters HALMOS and the more traditional doom of Oversoul. Bolthrower type death metal of Hail Of Bullets interweaves with a mammoth 21 minute jam from The Spacelords. Phew!
Many thanks to Sheltered Life PR
Worshipping this week
Icarus Gasoline
Icarus Gasoline (again)
Hail Of Bullets
The Spacelords
Freedom Hawk
Black Skull Ritual
La Bestia de Gevaudan

Icarus Gasoline


Hail Of Bullets


The Spacelords

Freedom Hawk

Black Skull Ritual

La Bestia de Gevaudan

Listen to the show and download

Thursday, 22 March 2018

ICARUS GASOLINE - Púrpura Esencial (2017)

Icarus Gasoline - Púrpura Esencial ( Chile)

A pulsating, rhythmic,orb propelling stellar riffs and solo's into celestial aether, bathed in a desert rock glow.

It was 2010's ' Lo Desaparecido'  that first grabbed my attention. I loved the harsh stoner/blues swathed in a cloak of acid sound, so it was something of a surprise when 'Púrpura Esencial'  materialised, with a Pink Floydian, middle era Rush hint of progressiveness. Surprise soon changed to glee at the sheer expanse of sound that Icarus Gasoline had achieved, each track layered with a bittersweet, languid foundation, enhanced by smooth vocals, perforated by crystalline guitar that without warning dropped several levels of aural turbulence.

Everything about this album is exemplary, from the musicianship to the mixing which allows Púrpura Esencial to flow, unhurried into an adrenaline rush that flushes right through your veins inducing hallucinogenic bliss.

This album is essential, especially if you're weary of the same old same old stoner sounds tripping off the conveyor belt.

I'm unaware of any vinyl available, but could you imagine that album cover as a gatefold?

Monday, 19 March 2018

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW SHOW VOL 92 - Core Of Destruction Radio 17/3/18

The Shrieks From Below Podcast Show ~ Each Saturday @ 2pm cst, 3pm est 9pm cet and 8pm UK

Playing this Saturday on Core of Destruction Radio @3pm cst, 4pm est, 9pm cet and 8pm UK. The Shrieks From Below brings you 10 tracks of glorious meyhemic ecstasy. Featuring the choicest cuts of some of the best music the underground has to offer. Shaking the very foundations of the Shrieks dungeons we start with an unreleased track from Soom who have an album out on April 20th called 'Djebars' There's no let up throughout the show, finally ending with a track by nasties In The Name Of Suffering. Sandwiched in between there is a gruesome selection of new and old for you to discover.
Band Order
Massive thanks to Filipp Dobrov of Robustfellow for the opportunity to crush all with Soom and Destin Pledger of Smutdealer Records for the plague ridden upcoming track from In The Name Of Suffering.

Bands worshipped this week!



Atlantic Desert


The Glasspack




Vulgo Garbus

In The Name Of Suffering

Sunday, 18 March 2018

SOOM ~ Djebars (Pre Release)

Soom ~ Djebars

Bio ~ "Soom was founded in Kharkiv at the end of 2013. The band was set up on the outskirts of the projects that had been lying around in the sources of the Kharkiv stoner sludge scene since 2010. After a lot of changes in consciousness, in 2016 the golden composition was formed: Amorth (Drums) Tomrer (Bass) Kova, Guitar/vocals. From the period from 2013-2017 Soom recorded three splits with Pressor, Diazepam, II and Vena, one EP "Fear and Loathing" and one full lengthalbum "Night on the Meadow". They also got into the Electric Funeral Cafe compilation from Robustfellow three times."

Like a celestial choir celebrating the opening of a gilded portal in deepest space, the track ' Above The Sequoias: Origin' opens Soom's second full length Djebars, giving no warning whatsoever to the insanity about to begin.

Combining the bass heavy drone of  Russia's Dekonstruktor with the schizophrenia of Spain's Hipoxia, Soom has created a tormented offering to a world ruled by lunacy and dementia. Mangled, psychedelic riffs are barely harnessed together by asphyxiating, coma inducing, lo fi doom and a metronomic drum beat that worms itself right into your head, vocals mimicking the chanting of a tribe of demented warrior chiefs around  a long dead fire, choked in ash.

Djebars is as intricate as it is primitive, locking you in the yoke of an emotional straitjacket, consumed by a techno beat interwoven with a heart stopping bottom end. 

Doom from another dimension.

Djebars by Soom will be available, April 20th 2018 


Thursday, 15 March 2018

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW SHOW VOL 91 ~ Core Of Destruction Radio 10/3/18

The Shrieks From Below Podcast Show ~ Core Of Destruction Radio every Saturday @ 2pm cst, 3pm est, 9pm cet and 8pm UK

Just stirring a new show into the carnage pot that is Core of Destruction Radio. Loads to get through. Featuring a couple of tracks from the recently released, psychedelic, post doom s/t by Aux Era and a new song from the yet to be released new album 'Stagnation & Woe by rabid sludgsters Ischemic, suitably entitled 'Filth'. There's a ton of older songs too. Maybe you don't know the bands, or have forgotten them over the passage of time. Either way, tune in and you might just discover your new, favourite band.Playing 10/3/18 and you can listen here or here or here @2pm cst, 3pm est, 9pm cet and 8pm UK
Band Order
The True Dukes of Burgundy
Half Man
Aux Era
Aux Era (2nd Track)
The Stone Eye
A huge thank you to Jadd Shickler of Magnetic Eye Records and Red Lead Media & PR for the opportunity to play songs by Aux Era

The True Dukes Of Burgundy



Half Man


Aux Era




The Stone Eye

Monday, 12 March 2018

GLACIER - Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet, They Shall Be As White As Snow, Though They Be Red Like Crimson, They Shall Be As Wool (2017)

Glacier - Boston,Massachusetts

Following a tried and trusted post - metal/doom formula, Glacier has managed to record their heaviest record to date. The doomier riffs, fracture and metastasize into shrill, mournful shrieks before reaching a bitter/sweet crescendo of drone.

The names of the two lengthy songs, make up the album title, which makes me think that, in fact, its one song, the band has done it before with 2014's Black Beacon. The first track begins with heaving doom structures, while on the second, the density  emerges from a creeping fog of ambiance, but both end in sonic atrophy.

I know that instrumentals are an acquired taste with many advocates of the underground scene prefer to hear vocals carry along a track, but with this type of metal, I don't think it's necessary, there's usually more than enough going on within the song structures to keep everyone listening with rapt attention and 'Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet'............. immerses you within its discordant soundscapes.

Hear for yourself