Wednesday, 28 March 2018

DICTATOR ~ Dysangelist (2008)

Dictator ~ Dysangelist

"Almost 2 years in the making, 'Dysangelist' is a seventy-five minute long conceptual masterwork spanning four tracks, focusing on the religious worship of death and the inevitable decline of faith leading to salvation."

Feel the intolerable atmosphere slowly build as the opening track 'Dysangelist' casts the shadow of the cadaverous spectre. Feel its fetid breath log your nostrils with its malodorous fume. Hear the howls of the damned cry out in agony!

Forsaken cello entwined with forlorn piano accompaniment, bolstered by impenetrable doom riffs rumbling a mournful lament. Gradually you're overwhelmed by a feeling of emptiness and despair, devoid of hope or emotion.

A Faustian nightmare of cavernous proportions that captures the feeling of overwhelming loneliness that all great funeral doom albums should exude.