Monday, 12 March 2018

GLACIER - Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet, They Shall Be As White As Snow, Though They Be Red Like Crimson, They Shall Be As Wool (2017)

Glacier - Boston,Massachusetts

Following a tried and trusted post - metal/doom formula, Glacier has managed to record their heaviest record to date. The doomier riffs, fracture and metastasize into shrill, mournful shrieks before reaching a bitter/sweet crescendo of drone.

The names of the two lengthy songs, make up the album title, which makes me think that, in fact, its one song, the band has done it before with 2014's Black Beacon. The first track begins with heaving doom structures, while on the second, the density  emerges from a creeping fog of ambiance, but both end in sonic atrophy.

I know that instrumentals are an acquired taste with many advocates of the underground scene prefer to hear vocals carry along a track, but with this type of metal, I don't think it's necessary, there's usually more than enough going on within the song structures to keep everyone listening with rapt attention and 'Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet'............. immerses you within its discordant soundscapes.

Hear for yourself

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