Thursday, 22 March 2018

ICARUS GASOLINE - Púrpura Esencial (2017)

Icarus Gasoline - Púrpura Esencial ( Chile)

A pulsating, rhythmic,orb propelling stellar riffs and solo's into celestial aether, bathed in a desert rock glow.

It was 2010's ' Lo Desaparecido'  that first grabbed my attention. I loved the harsh stoner/blues swathed in a cloak of acid sound, so it was something of a surprise when 'Púrpura Esencial'  materialised, with a Pink Floydian, middle era Rush hint of progressiveness. Surprise soon changed to glee at the sheer expanse of sound that Icarus Gasoline had achieved, each track layered with a bittersweet, languid foundation, enhanced by smooth vocals, perforated by crystalline guitar that without warning dropped several levels of aural turbulence.

Everything about this album is exemplary, from the musicianship to the mixing which allows Púrpura Esencial to flow, unhurried into an adrenaline rush that flushes right through your veins inducing hallucinogenic bliss.

This album is essential, especially if you're weary of the same old same old stoner sounds tripping off the conveyor belt.

I'm unaware of any vinyl available, but could you imagine that album cover as a gatefold?

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