Thursday, 1 March 2018

MARASME - Malsons (2018)

Marasme ~ Malsons

Its pretty evident that Marasme has matured with their newest release 'Malsons.' There's more depth to the tracks and rather than the outright harshness that emanates from this style of 'post metal.' A range of emotions and a fullness to the mix, engages the listener, particularly the final and longest song here 'Ruines' which smoulders, drawing you in with its welcoming glow before belching violent riffs into your face.

That's not to say that 'Malsons' welcomes you with open arms, it doesn't, the guitars will still flay the skin from your back and the vocal delivery of Jeroni Sancho sets a warning tone to keep you firmly at bay. Marasme are toying with your primal emotions with 'Malsons' the non too subtle bitter/sweet hue of the tracks,ebb and flow, somehow seamlessly careering  between molten groove and glacial post-black metal menace.

'Malsons' is a huge statement from a band originating from an Island (Mallorca) not usually associated with music from the far reaches of the underground metal spectrum, its more expansive and even heavier than previous releases, more accessible in many ways, yet throughout it beats a blackened heart.

Thank you to Mathieu Sankeralli of Media Crush Recordings for the opportunity to review 'Malsons'