Sunday, 18 March 2018

SOOM ~ Djebars (Pre Release)

Soom ~ Djebars

Bio ~ "Soom was founded in Kharkiv at the end of 2013. The band was set up on the outskirts of the projects that had been lying around in the sources of the Kharkiv stoner sludge scene since 2010. After a lot of changes in consciousness, in 2016 the golden composition was formed: Amorth (Drums) Tomrer (Bass) Kova, Guitar/vocals. From the period from 2013-2017 Soom recorded three splits with Pressor, Diazepam, II and Vena, one EP "Fear and Loathing" and one full lengthalbum "Night on the Meadow". They also got into the Electric Funeral Cafe compilation from Robustfellow three times."

Like a celestial choir celebrating the opening of a gilded portal in deepest space, the track ' Above The Sequoias: Origin' opens Soom's second full length Djebars, giving no warning whatsoever to the insanity about to begin.

Combining the bass heavy drone of  Russia's Dekonstruktor with the schizophrenia of Spain's Hipoxia, Soom has created a tormented offering to a world ruled by lunacy and dementia. Mangled, psychedelic riffs are barely harnessed together by asphyxiating, coma inducing, lo fi doom and a metronomic drum beat that worms itself right into your head, vocals mimicking the chanting of a tribe of demented warrior chiefs around  a long dead fire, choked in ash.

Djebars is as intricate as it is primitive, locking you in the yoke of an emotional straitjacket, consumed by a techno beat interwoven with a heart stopping bottom end. 

Doom from another dimension.

Djebars by Soom will be available, April 20th 2018