Saturday, 31 March 2018

THE NIHILISTIC FRONT ~ Procession To Annihilation ( 2013)

The Nihilistic front ~ Procession To Annihilation

I have to confess, I'd bypassed this Aussie band so many times because of the name, I mean, a band that called itself The Nihilistic Front has to be some kind of politico punk outfit, right?........


When I eventually got around to checking them out, can't remember why, I was pinned back in my seat by the sheer compression and weight of the droning doom leaden riffs that heaved themselves from my speakers. Chords that drone on and on like shock waves from a massive earthquake, conduct a ritual of condemnation,  tortured by numbing feedback and gargoylian vocals.

Bands of this nature usually rely on ambient passages to flesh out the repetitive nature of drone. Not The Nihilistic Front. This band obliterates constantly throughout the four lengthy songs on Procession To Annihilation. If things start to become too repetitive, they simply speed things up and add the hand of death to this glorious mix.

This album has to be one of the heaviest .....ever.......period.There is absolutely no sanctuary from this hell hole of an album. Those into the likes of Bongripper should dig The Nihilistic Front, however, as heavy as Bongripper is, they can't match the malice nor the sheer delight of knowing that you're suffering at their hands.

The Nihilistic Front is the  bubonic blister on Bongrippers arse