Sunday, 29 April 2018

OMMADON ~ End Times (2018)

OMMADON ~ End Times

Droning doom, hulking riffs, summoning enough power to break The Titans free of their imprisonment from Tartarus, the deepest part of the Underworld. Each detonating chord capable of shuddering the Pearly Gates right off their hinges.

End Times is actually one song that has heaved itself into two, with categorically no respite from the enormity of the sound, leaving you slack jawed, eyes bulging from the weighty riffs, a doom diadem of improbable dimensions, its structure flattening everything in its path through suffocating atmospheric pressure. Ommadon is a band so heavy, it has its own gravitational pull.

Vocals are kept to the occasional primordial bellow, but the reality of it is that such is the vastness of sound, there is literally no room for any such distractions.

End Times is the Hadron Riff Collider, an atom smasher, capable of pulverizing sub atomic particles by riff alone.

Coming at you like an unstoppable avalanche on 1st May through these outlets. and

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