Sunday, 22 April 2018

SHEPHERDS CROOK - Uteseiler (2018)

Shepherds Crook ~ Uteseiler (Norway)

"No dreams, hopes, ambitions or aspirations"

So says the band, and to be perfectly honest, once the innocuous beginning of  opener 'Path of the Serpent' morphs into the kind of macabre atmospherics that compels you to want to take a peek under the bed before you sleep, then any dreams, hopes, ambitions or aspirations that you had, have been sucked through that crack in the closet door you were SURE was closed only moments ago.

Simplistic leads accompany slow, funereal heaviness, besmirched by trollish vocals that beguile you into some dark mythological nightmare, the three tracks lead you down the forsaken path, right into Grimm's Book Of Doom Riffs

Troll Doom?

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