Tuesday, 10 April 2018

THE HUMAN RACE IS FILTH ~ Liberate (2018)

The Human Race Is Filth ~ Liberate

"THRIF (The Human Race Is Filth) is about exactly what the name says. Delivering punishing d-beat, sludge/doom mayhem."

A relentless barrage of venomous bile, vocals spitting contempt right in your face, pretty much sums up Liberate. Eight squalid tracks of intense grind create a pretty uncomfortable experience made even more miserable by the added weight of copious dollops of sludge and dissonant guitar that layer this miasma of discontent.

Constructed from the DNA of other local bands such as Bittered, Liberate emerges from a gene pool of hatred and loathing,delivering a frenzied sludge/grind rampage like a bunch of skinheads, eager to test the potency of their new Doc Marten boots on your head.

Just lie down and take the pain you worthless fuck.