Wednesday, 30 May 2018

LADY ELECTRIC ~ 4 Years After (2018)

Lady Electric ~ 4 Years Later

Eight songs of swirling ether, driven by effervescent rhythms, embarking on a journey into deepest space, alighting only on the driest of planets to fuel up on solar winds and neutrons.

4 Years later is a deceptive album, languid, with gentle reverb, like a Martian sunrise, but man, when those solo's cut through the chilled spacial atmosphere such as on the showpiece track ' San Fernando' bolstered by occasional stoner style heft, ' Jhator' you begin to realise that this album doesn't just drift along aimlessly like a lot of 'jam' albums, lost in its own thoughts. Instead, 4 Years Later is focused, full of surprises without being too taxing. In fact, a measure of how good this album is, is  that  I didn't notice it was fully instrumental until the final track had finished,  its one of the very few albums I've listened to in a long while that I think would actually be spoiled by vocals.

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