Monday, 7 May 2018

WITCHFUCKER ~ Atomhure (2018)

Witchfucker ~ Atomhure

Part doom, part stoner, part crust, ALL bludgeon, pretty much encapsulates the latest release from Germany's Witchfucker

From the straightforward (but excellent) opener, the stoned out, doom leaden 'Delirium' to the crust of 'Killed By System' and finally 'Barfuss durch die Hölle, a track that incorporates all of the above and does it exceptionally well, as does every aspect of Atomhure.

Vocals can often kill or cure and album of this kind, some prefer growl, others, clean, on Atomhure you get something in the middle which should suit everyone and compliments the nebulous atmosphere created by copious reverb and echo from the luscious solo's which abound, particularly on the track 'Assassin' which is given a spacey, psychedelic tweak that adds to the expansive sound of an album that gorges in the deepest pit of doom. In fact, the band has been very clever by adding the excellent vocal delivery of  Charlotte Lauel (Circus Of Fools) on the track 'Hiding From Yourself' going a long way to creating variation in an already diversely interesting album.

If I published an album of the month, Atomhure would have every chance of being 'it'

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