Tuesday, 12 June 2018

CHURCHES BURN ~ Adversary (2008)


"Broken Instruments and blown speakers. Eardrums damaged, vans driven to death. Delusion, depression, and the lawless narcotic. Societal hatred and slow hollers."

Step inside the gaping maw and toke on the fetid breath of this despicable compilation of seven cataclysmic tracks of the heaviest doom/sludge you can imagine. Seven pariahs, mourning the end of everything, trampled under the force of impenetrable, choking fuzz. 

I've played a number of tracks on The Shrieks From Below Podcast and struggled to cope with the enormity of the sound as a result of Churches Burn foregoing a guitarist in order to accommodate an extra bass, There is alchemy afoot, however. On Adversary the band has cleverly interwoven ambient pieces among the mayhem, in the form of psychedelic passages, threadbare perhaps, but they manage to dilute the claustrophobic atmosphere, adding an extra dimension and allowing the band to avoid the trap of becoming too heavy, that the whole experience becomes mundane. The showpiece song 'Rise' is a prime example. Beginning like something off an Acid King album, the slow, stoner doom chords morph into a brief,burbling, interlude, but you just know that there will be a penance to pay for this respite and sure enough Churches Burn flatten you with a bouncy heft, layered with mildly cosmic guitar.

You can find Adversary and the rest of the catalogue on Bandcamp where you can name your own price, so if you're looking for the heaviest music available, but with a groove, layered with stoner fuzz, then seek out Churches Burn and you shall find it.

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