Saturday, 7 July 2018

DEAD SISTERS ~ Dead Sisters (2018)

Dead Sisters ~ Dead Sisters

Anguished howls, muffled in the intolerable density and weight of the wall of sound that saturates this entire release. Endless waves of humongous doom drone leaves you cowering, mouth agape at the enormity of it all, emotions drained, comatose and cowed by the ceremonial bludgeoning from the three colossal tracks available.

Albums of this type usually have a fair amount of ambient passages throughout which helps to give some respite to the senses, but, apart from five minutes or so on the track 'Sermon'  Dead Sisters dredges up huge tranches of glorious lung collapsing droning doom that, when you think it can't get any heavier, suddenly drops even lower, casting heaving,endless dissonance that mourns the riff just passed, in its wake.

This won't be an easy album for many to get into, but to those martyrs of the unbearably heavy, this is the (un) holy covenant.