Monday, 16 July 2018

HOSTIA ~ Hostia (2018)

Hostia ~ Hostia

Drawing influences from the greater gods of death and grind, Hostia  invoke a scorched earth policy  with a rabid and savage smite on the senses. This album is a total blitzkrieg of unrelenting ferocity, an apex predator that snatches you up in its jaws and shakes you until you hang limp and broken.

Most grind bands have the DNA of Napalm Death gushing through its veins and Hostia is no different, but with this, the bands first release, there is absolutely no place to hide, no respite from the frenzied assault, its just a full on barrage without the sanctuary of a d-tune breakdown.

Hostia is a band which obviously revels at the thought of inflicting as much neurological damage as possible and considering this is the bands first release, goodness only knows what they're capable of, but the lacerations caused by this withering onslaught will still be raw and bloody by the time the second wave hits.

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