Tuesday, 24 July 2018

TOTEN HEX ~Cemetery Avenue (2017)

Toten Hex ~ Cemetery Avenue

Grub around Bandcamp often enough and there are countless gems of albums waiting to be discovered, or maybe reacquainted with after being long forgotten, dig even deeper into the fecal soil and you'll come across releases that have never seen sunlight, contain no joy and are bereft of hope. Lift up that rock and out they squirm, eyes shielded from the brightness and gagging on the fresh air.

Cemetery Avenue by UK's Toten Hex is one such album. Eight shortish tracks starting with the monumental, sepulchral doom of 'Dead Curse' and flowing,choking and gurgling like a blocked sewer to the final track, the odious 'Flowing From On High.'  with a brief respite from the turgid, bloated putrescence from the crusted punkish 'Empty.' Playing this album from start to finish is like poking a stethoscope into the tissue of a putrefying corpse and listening to its gradual decomposition. 

Cemetery Avenue, is everything I love about the most underground of the sludge/doom scene, its hateful, spews bile, its ugly, damn heavy, yet occasionally, the oppression is lifted by one portion of a track morphing into something of a groove.....kind of.

Euthanasia by sludge.

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