Sunday, 5 August 2018

SALTBUCK - Cityslicker (2018)

Saltbuck ~ Cityslicker

Morphing from the band Sunstone, Saltbuck has been reborn from that particular stoner/doom cocoon, under a darkened, broody sky, as a seven headed, bloated, crushing machine, coated in a mucus of sludge.

You know its going to be a suffocating ride from the first track 'Underture' which sounds as though there is someone undergoing waterboarding torture amid a droning doom backdrop that explodes at the halfway mark with a pounding assault of heaving riffery. 

There's an ocean of hurt all the way through Cityslicker, aided and abetted by a full on production that cranks the intensity up to trauma inducing levels. That said, Cityslicker does have its seductive moments, with the odd jangly guitar interlude and sensuous groove, but ends up swinging that sledgehammer down to obliterate the brainpan.

As the man in the background of 'Underture says..."You're mine.......don't fight it!"

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