Saturday, 29 September 2018


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Today, The Shrieks From Below Show is unleashed and perfectly reflects the evolution of the podcast over the last few years. Whereas before when doom and sludge was king, now there is a full mix of styles while still keeping it heavy, from the tight desert tunes of Mos Generator, to the deathcrust of Heads for the Dead. Lots of new songs for you to hear from essential new and recent releases byMos GeneratorBoghaunter, Spectrum MortisHypnosAMBASSADORMagmakammerArmed For ApocalypseNecandi Homines, Killer Moon, The Clay PeopleHelrunarHeads For the Dead

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Thanks as always to the following for their support: Earsplit PR (Mos Generator) Viral Propaganda PR ( Spectrum Mortis) Dewar PR (Hypnos, Ambassador, Helrunar) Kozmik Artifactz (Magmakammer, Killer Moon- vinyl) Jadd Shickler of Red Lead Media & PR (Armed For Apocalypse, The Clay People), Roberto Mura of Third-I-Rex (Necandi Homines), Kunal ProductionsSergio Lebrón (Blackseed Productions) Choksi of Transcending Obscurity Records (Heads For The Dead) The Sign RecordsProphecy ProductionsSergio Lebrón (Blackseed Productions)

Band Order
Mos Generator


Spectrum Mortis




Armed For Apocalypse

Necandi Homines

Killer Moon

The Clay People


Heads For The Dead

DRUJ ~ Chants To Irkalla (2018)

Druj ~ Chants To Irkalla

"Druj resumes their malevolent rituals with their first full-length record, a set of extreme metal incantations rolling and oozing with blight. The album pulse and churns with the creative forces of the Babylonian gods themselves, cascading over the listener like a primordial sea. For as crushing as the album is, there is a spiteful life to it as well, a lurking presence slouching towards its conclusion like a nameless beast captivating the gaze of any who dares enter its presence. Not content to constrain themselves entirely within the bounds of death metal, Druj's music is blackened and sludgy, a mire without end, dizzying and wretchedly mystical.Much like the underworld of Sumerian myth itself, once Druj envelops you, there will be no return."

Death doom with a malevolent, black, soul and a rotten heart. Out on Godz Of War Productions.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

thallMOTH ~ F A L A K (2018)

thallMOTH ~ Falak

Decadence has arrived.

"Just eight months after our debut album, Falak, is an album focused on experimenting with our creativity and our desire to create more music for people who want to listen to something different. It will transport you to a negative, psychedelic and melancholic experience. In simple words, its a very bad trip"

The latest release from Chilean band thallMOTH is a psychedelically industrial powerhouse, with a shuddering doom foundation. 

Monday, 24 September 2018

SWAMP WITCH ~ Dead Rituals (Release Date-TBA)

Swamp Witch ~ Dead Rituals

The second swamp witch full length album, recorded July 2018, Earlhammer Studio's, Oakland, CA. by Greg Wilkinson. Album art - Jacob (Subspecies Art)

 Release date tba

Jimmy-Vocals/Phil-Guitar/Zack-Guitar/Jacob - Bass/Zak - Drums. 

The Witch has broken free from the sealed Coven and once again conjured up rites of heinous sludge.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

EMBALSAMADO - Vasta Escuridão (2018)

Embalsamado  Vasta Escuridão 

"The Embalsamado was formed in 2013 by members of the Imperador Belial with the proposal to implement a morbid sound macabre"

Brazilians Embalsamado conjure eight incantations of  Cultes Des Ghoules, influenced, pitch black doom death. Primitive chords that should be excommunicated, deliver droning psalms that stink of sulphur accompanied by trollish vocals prophesying the immolation of all hope. 

Embalsamado in English, means embalmed. 'Vasta Escuridão' is embalmed within a shroud of agnosticism, a pall of disdain for any source of joy or light clings to each hellish riff. More doom than death, 'Vasta Escuridão' summons bestial grooves from the abyss.

'Vasta Escuridão' - More of an invocation than an album.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW ~ Volume 119 22/9/18

The Shrieks From Below Show ~ Plays on Hand Of Doom Radio and Downtuned Radio & Magazine.

The Shrieks From Below's cauldron is bubbling over with tracks from some of the recently released albums that you need to hear. Whatever your poison, there will be something here for you to dig on. Filth corner is a nasty Triumvirate from Arizona Thra, Earthwalker and Saintbreaker. Bands featured on this upcoming show are :  Plainride, Lost Tribes Of The MoonMt. MountainEarthwalkerSaintBreakerHellavatorClawhammerSoenHessianTHRAPsychic DoseWhat Washington Wants.
Listen here for your aural ambrosia
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As always, there are those to thank for supporting the Radio Station and Blog. ClawHammer PR (Lost Tribes Of The Moon), Cardinal Fuzz ( For releasing Mt.Mountain's 'Cosmos Terros' outside Aus) Earsplit PR(Soen) Dewar PR (Hessian) Andrew Anthony Costantino of Psychic Dose. Silver Lining MusicRipple Music
Bands Played Today

Lost Tribes Of The Moon









Psychic Dose

What Washington Wants