Wednesday, 31 October 2018

DIRGE ~ Ah Puch (2018)

Dirge ~ Ah Puch

Any band which enlists the help of Sanford Parker ( Yob, Eyehategod, Pelican) and Brad Boatright ( Sleep, High On Fire, Bell Witch) to produce their debut album, has every intention of causing maximum discomfort to the Temporal Lobes of any unsuspecting victim who happens by this immense release.

Dissonant guitars that not only suck marrow from bone, but also scythe with vitriolic glee, backed by primal drums and anguished vocals, make for toxic atmosphere under a canopy of oppression. There really is everything here for the connoisseur of heavy metal extremity, from the disconcerting hateful sludge of Grief and Iron Monkey, shackled under the yoke of goliathan waves of doom, to the culmination of the final track 'Corpse Of Cortez' which has become my favourite track of the album, a destructive harbinger of  annihilation that will make you weep with fear under a smoking, churning, canopy of death.

Heavy music, particularly the extreme kind, is bubbling nicely in the sub continent at the moment, but in my opinion this area of the globe is set to became a new force, and Dirge has everything it takes to be right at the forefront.

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