Tuesday, 4 December 2018

EREMIT ~ Carrier Of Weight ( Feb 25th 2019)

Eremit ~ Carrier Of Weight

Okay, I know that this release is a few weeks away, but dammit, the streaming track has got me completely hooked.....the density, the depth, the oppression! 

Now, quite often when you're confronted with one streaming track, its something of a gamble whether or not to bite the bullet and purchase the damn thing there and then, so the aim of this review is to put your minds at ease  and encourage you to just go and buy it without any doubt in your mind that at the end of the final track, you'll be both crushed and elated at the same time.

The two tracks unavailable to stream at this time are the opener ' Dry Land' clocking in at 23 minutes and the closing track 'Cocoon Of Soul' which rumbles on even longer at 33 minutes. Both are more funereal than 'Froth Is Beckoning' but are structured along similar lines with the pace of the tracks shifting from slow to very slow and then suddenly morphing into a stomp, albeit briefly. When you come across bands that write extremely long songs, particularly of this genre, there tends to be a significant amount of ambient filler which in my case causes both frustration and disappointment, but there is absolutely no filler on Carrier Of Weight, apart from the slow burning intros, its maximum heaviosity all the way. The riffs are subterranean and the vocals come from the same chasm, each struck chord booms into the netherworld and just keeps going and going, carried along by the barely controlled distortion the sheer wight of it brings you to your knees.

Annihilation by Amplification